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At 45, I have been reborn twice in life, and escaped the third incident

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ultrasonic plastic cutter

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At 45, I have been reborn twice in life, and escaped the third incident

At 45, I have been reborn twice in life, and escaped the third incident by a whisker and am 19 years away from another last dose. (Get life in a flow to attract good luck good luck does not happen by chance)30% Ultrasonic Transducer body is earth and dominated by the mind, the logic which emates in most of us from our experiences of the past to affect every action / situation the future seem to present.Our body is 70% water and reacts strongly to all external frequencies sound of the name, dates and hours of the day (Astronomic movements), colors that absorb/ repel, food and its chemical composition.with me, with people who come to meet me. Knowledge captured from the books is not enough to be a natural Numerologist/ astrologer; even modern sciences remain in the confines of data and logic.

Getting the mind sharp, positive, strengthened, and assisted with good health overall is REMEDY 2.. Intuition has a genesis of the connect that exists from the past to the future. Where are we then, dealing with our future from our present? Hardly ever. If our experience tells us that faced with a similar situation in the past we succeeded, we tend to react in a similar fashion for the forthcoming future event, and if the experience was negative, we get tense, fear, loss of self confidence, mood swings etc overtakes us. Life of a salesman, entrepreneur, corporate leader, and now a business stalwart.

Causing this dispersion to be in harmony and natural rhythm / cohesion is REMEDY 1.its always from the information of the past.To reveal how extraordinary this life granted to us is/ can be and how predictable it all is. A dispersed, not in harmony waves within the body cause uneasiness, restlessness, lack of sleep, no peace within, a sense of vacuum and melancholy, a sense of low connect to the inner being our own soul and its messages to us in the form of intuition. Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Kabala and many thrive on 3 basic elements logic, intuition and vibrations.it is clear that destiny lies elsewhere though intuitively too, I always knew till I learnt to begin connecting the dots and the process 18 years, as a Numerologist the journey of revelations goes on, much in depth then ever.Science has NOT yet progressed enough to capture the knowledge set on us over 2000 years ago.reading it all is a job of a Numerologist.

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